Tuesday, 31 January 2017

2017 begins like a flash

Hello Everyone,


So another year is upon us, this is the 4th year I've been doing these blogs and I never had any clue as to what was going to transpire.

Back then Capemedia UK Limited was quite busy.  We had regular client work every week, we had clients contacting us to produce work for them and things were on the up.

Over the past few years the requests have come in but there has been a distinctive change.  My focus moved to the everyday, my family and my job.  Over the last few years there have been project releases, but in the main the bigger, bolder projects have ran out of steam and halted.

Looking back I spent many hours on these projects and fell foul of the reality of how much a single person doing everything can do.  I've read articles of individuals spending years to complete one short film but with me I've always lost interest and haven't stuck to it.

However I have learned.



So I recently premiered the film called "CCMTT A Little History" locally.  I worked on this film for around 6 weeks and it was around 2 hours long.

It covered the history of my daughters school, her own career and the catalyst behind the school.  We filmed the entire show and we even included a bloopers reel.

I ended up getting an applause on the night from the audience which was unexpected but very nice to receive.

I'm now preparing the DVDs for those who wish to purchase one and they should be on sale from February 2017.

At the beginning of 2016 I mentioned the fact I had come up with an idea for a story in the December of 2015 and would make this into an animation project.

Over the last year I strived to have this released but things got in the way and in the end the project fizzled out.

However I still believe in the story.

So I'm revisiting this project in 2017.  Rethinking about it.  Reimagining it.  And hopefully going to get back on it.



One of the biggest concerns with my animation software iClone was that it never really produced the render quality I wanted.  Even "A Tail of Time" the production images were all rendered in a 3rd party tool called Indigo RT which looked great but with unrealistic in render times.

iClone 7, I hope will change that.  Coming this year it will have it's own high quality render engine that I think will bridge the gap for me.  In terms of quality over time.

It's an exciting time and maybe just maybe "A Tail of Time" might just benefit from the fact I never finished it in 2016?



I started to rebuild my website at the end of last year but never got around to completing it.  This is on my radar to do.  It will have space dedicated to "A Tail of Time" with updates, images, videos and a Vlog.

I'm hoping to tell the story of the production as I move through it.  Discussing the story, the characters, music, production, animation and many others.

I will also be re-organising my hosting sites.  YouTube let me down last year so I want to move my videos over to Dailymotion.  However I'm not going to shoot myself in the foot.  I'll use YouTube as well as a way of promoting Capemedia's work.

We will also be adding Instagram to our social networking portfolio this year.

All links are on our website but they are here also:-


Other News

So thanks for dropping by.  Let's hope that my plans for 2017 work out well and that we have some amazing art to show you.

Take Care

Colin (aka Capemedia)

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Last update for 2016

Hello All,


Well what a year but first may I offer an apology to all my followers of Capmedia UK.

"I'm Sorry" 

I'm sorry for the lack of updates over the last few months, since October I stopped my online and digital work.  I moved into supporting my daughters school with her first show.  This took up far more time then I expected.

Those who have followed Capemedia over the years will have know that we lost a very special person at the end of 2015 and my daughter dedicated her first show to him, while raising money for a local charity.


Currently I'm working on a film to review my daughters schools first year which ended with her amazing showcase "Performance for Peter".  This should be premiered in January 2017.

Last year I started work on "A Tale of Time" I suppose I ran out of steam while working on this and the live work I ended up doing was a welcomed relief from it.  However now as we move into a New Year I want to continue the work.  I've met new people over the last few months and many ideas have been added to the original, which will make this even better.

Something that will only benefit this project and bring that visual sparkle will be the new version of iClone 7, coming early in the year.  Brand new Camera system, native render engine, enhanced visuals should propel "A Tale of Time" forward to where it needs to be.

I need to upgrade my hardware with a new graphics card and this should be completed in January so I can really take of advantage of the new software.

Review of 2016


I published an updated website including a tribute page - http://www.capemediauk.com/

Also the first mention of "A Tale of Time" was done on the 17th January.


We introduced my daughter new school to the Capemedia UK followers.

We also had a warning from in regards to one of my tribute videos "Be Water".  It took around 6 months for this to be lifted.  The damage was already done and we moved to Dailymotion.


The first draft storyboards were released for "A Tale of Time"


We released a number of Indigo RT renders of the characters from "A Tale of Time". Beautiful images but totally impracticable as it was taking 20 mins to produce 1 frame.


The first teaser for "A Tale of Time" was released.

Looking back this teaser will need to be replaced when the new Hardware and Software is used in 2017.

June & July

We upgraded our PC to the new Windows 10.  At first we were hesitant to do so but after using it for 6 months it wasn't as bad as first feared.

We also had a major hardware upgrade as my trusty Audio / Interface the Edirol FA101 died.  Due to this I had to make a purchase and went for the award winning Focusrite Scarlett 18i8

August & September

Quite an eventful period, from hardware failures, to getting back into the studio after a period out, to getting over 1200 likes on our Facebook page.

October to the end of the year

As explained in the first part of this Blog, I moved into show work for the last part of the year.

New Year - 2017

As in every end of year post we all have so many plans for the coming year.  We all want things to be better than the previous year, we want the best for our families, friends, companies etc.  This time I'm not asking for anything, or setting any great expectation on myself.  I'm just going to enter the New Year with a smile on my face and see what it brings.

Thank you for reading, watching and supporting Capemedia UK over the last year and finally I wish you all a Happy New Year.

Take care

Colin Cooper (aka Capemedia)

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Back to work for Autumn

Hello All,


So finally after a few months off for the summer and building work being done on my home I started back in the studio.  I had a few clients jobs to complete and then got back on my projects.

It's always hard when your business is only part time and your day time job eats up so much time.  But so many people go through these issues, but as you get older you don't always have the stamina you had.

After a very mixed up, difficult and challenging 2016, with setbacks, routine changes and new roles.  It will be nice to look forward to Christmas and new opportunities in 2017.


Social Network

Another fantastic achievement that happened this month was my page on Facebook reached 1200 likes.

This an incredible amount of people to be engaging and it's wonderful to see this page grow. With more and more people being interested in what Capemedia UK is up to.  I try and keep updates on this page regular, sometimes daily mostly weekly.



Another facebook update mentioned that we were back in the studio and working again on "A Tale of Time".

Over the past few weeks I have concentrated on getting the characters right.  I have designed and re-designed them as they are fundamental to the story.

Over the next couple of weeks I will refine my designs.  Due to the nature of the story my characters will need to be dressed for certain events in time, so I cannot create just one version, in some cases 3 or 4.


Next steps

I have said this before, but I want to show my progress to my main and only project as it will take quite some time to complete.  There will be character, animation, music and other updates that need to be shared.

I hope that I can give more information away as the project progresses.

Thanks for visiting

Colin (aka Capemedia)

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Summer always seems to end with good memories

Hello All,


So after last month's Blog of fun and relaxation, this pretty much continued throughout August.  However with the added issue that I was having building work on my house as I had my bathroom refurbished.

Two rooms that cause the biggest upheaval when being done are the kitchen and bathroom and the 3/4 weeks my bathroom was being completed was no different.  The main issue is my studio and bathroom are on the same floor and are at either ends of the same corridor.  Due to the amount of dirt and dust, I had to keep my visits limited so pretty much nothing was done for yet another month.

Added to this I took my wife on holiday for her birthday, I think in total I've had a far few weeks to rest, relax, recharge, reflect and plan.

Windows 10 and future upgrades

So as I discussed last month I finally took the plunge and upgraded my main studio PC to Windows 10 and was worried how things would go.

Well after a few weeks of using it now it has worked out quite well and I'm pleased.

I am considering getting a couple of new pieces of equipment over the next few months.  The first will possibly be a new graphics card.  I've got the GTX960 but I really like the new range that has been released by NVIDIA.

The prices have been crazy recently but once they settle down I'll make my choice.

The second item I want to get is a Seaboard ROLI Rise

I went and had a play on one a few weeks back and love the way you can easily build expression into you playing.

I'll keep you updated on what I do.


I think the time away from my projects have been good for me.  Why?  Because sometimes you feel that you need to complete something and maybe produce substandard work.  Taking time out allows you to readdress and rethink options in your projects and make improvements you may not have thought of before.

I began my journey with "A Tale of Time" in December 2015, I wrote the story and then the script.  Produced the storyboard and started to build the animation, releasing a teaser back in May.

The wonderful thing about this story is that it will be something that is not tied to any period in time.  It won't get old and hopefully people will be able to enjoy it in many years to come.

But to complete this project will take dedication on my part to see this through to the end.  I've decided to set a release date but don't want to publish this just yet until I'm in a good place.

What's next?

As summer comes to an end, children return to school and college.  The nights begin to draw in and the countdown to Christmas starts.  I want to reassess "A Tale of Time" this has to be the best work I have ever created and there a good reasons for that (But that's for another day).  I want to make some VBlogs of the "making of" this film as there are so many facets, if I'm anything to go of, people will be interested.

So keep an eye on this Blog, my facebook page, Twitter, my website, my YouTube and Dailymotion channels.  I will keep updating things as they happen.

Thanks for passing by

Take care

Colin (aka Capemedia)

Monday, 1 August 2016

Summer fun and relaxation

Hello All,


Summer is always hit and miss in the UK, where I live it generally rains most of the year but when we do get the sun we all make the most of it.  I have to say taking time out and spending time with your family gives me something I cannot buy or acquire, a sense of wellbeing.

So yes projects go on hold, yes things don't get done, but life is for living not working all the time and it's those special moments that we spend with our loved ones that truly define us.



This last month I suppose my head has been turned with the impending final day of the free Windows 10 upgrade on the 29th July 2016.  I had tried Windows 10 on my everyday PC for around 6 months and after tweaking it I have become used to the operating system.

I was worried to upgrade my Studio PC but the week before the upgrade my trusty Audio / Interface the Edirol FA101 died.  Due to this I had to make a purchase and went for the award winning Focusrite Scarlett 18i8

So my concerns about old hardware were pretty much put to bed by these events and Windows 10 was installed.



Not much happening over the last few weeks due to the much needed rest.  However I have been composing some music and creating some tracks.

Too early at this stage to release anything so please keep posted.

One other thing that I have to mention is in regards to my major project "A Tale of Time".  I have to think that it will now slip into the autumn.  Lot's of reasons but the main being that taking time to rest was too important to me then not to.


Possibly a lot of huge things are happening in this space.  There could be opportunity to join another venture and become full time with my own offices.  Sometimes a door opens in your life that you have to consider if to walk through.
"Decision are the hurdles in life we all have to jump." 
So thanks until next time

Colin Cooper

Sunday, 10 July 2016

A short rest and a possible book

Hello Everyone,

Personal Life

As it's the great british summer time I have been spending some time relaxing and holidaying with my family over the last 5 weeks.  With the amount of work that has come our way recently.  It possibly wasn't a good idea to take time out, but I believe that getting this balance right is just as important as working hard.

Getting your work / life balance right is crucial to success and stress release.



So there have been some new updates to my website - www.capemediauk.com

Mainly cosmetic but another client in my Work Section added and a couple of new images.



So the main project I have been working on this year is "A Tale of Time".  This project grew out of a story I wrote at the end of 2015.  However as the year has moved forward and my direction has become clearer I think that the story is good enough to be made into a book.

Yes I will need to go back and re-write my story into book format, but what's really exciting is I now have a very talented artist on board who will be illustrating it.

Natalie Ciufo Green

I'll release examples of her work in future Blog updates.

Regarding the animated version of this story, there has a bit of work done on this but not a great deal as I've been away, but I would say we are around 28% finished.  Yes a very long time away from completion but these thing take time.  However as I write this I can still see this being completed this year and inside the time frame I set of summer, possibly late summer.



My client work is still coming in.  I have completed one project in the last 5 weeks, have another which we are currently in discussions about and a third which I should be getting to grips with in the next couple of months.

So we are very busy at the moment which is a positive and helps with my direction of where Capemedia UK is heading over the next couple of years

As always thanks for visiting and supporting us.  Leave a comment if you have any questions or just visit our website, Dailymotion or Facebook feeds for information.

Thanks again

Colin Cooper

Friday, 3 June 2016

A change in the June air.

Hello Everyone,


So in starting I just wanted to discuss briefly the last month.  There was a couple of highlights that happened.  Around the middle of May Reallusion release their long await clothing pack Professional Outfits.

An outstanding pack and one I added to my large arsenal of assets.
Another interesting piece of news was that Amazon were starting a video on demand service, similar to YouTube where you can get paid for you content.

I am currently checking with them regarding the signup but if this works for me then I will be closing my account down on YouTube.  But not just yet!
I have also been offered the opportunity to join a beta test for my animation software of choice.  I'm not to mention too much but I will taking this new version for a test drive in the next couple of weeks.


Typically work turns up like buses.  You have long periods sometimes where you have time to complete projects and then suddenly out of the blue a number of jobs drop in your lap all at the same time and needing to be completed within the same time frame.  Possibly for the first time I have had to push my personal projects back, reschedule my current client commitments and the worst being I have had to turn down work as I just cannot fit everything in.  I currently have a full time day time job and Capemedia UK is still on a part time basis.

As discussed in the past I hope that one day I can do this full time but I need a few things to fall into place first.  Any rich productions companies out there who would like to take Capemedia UK under you wing then don't hesitate to contact us.


So this month I released the teaser to "A Tale of Time" exclusively on Dailymotion.

I'm really proud of how this teaser has been received with lots of very promising comments and view on Dailymotion.  130 views to date is pretty good for something not on YouTube.

There is a "Easter Egg" in the video which nobody has mentioned or noticed but I'll give a big clue away here - It appears around the 1:02 minute mark.  This is a crucial clue to the story of "A Tale of Time.

More will be released over the next couple of weeks.

Current progress is sitting at around 27%

Release Date - TBA


So based on the fact "A Tale of Time" will have no dialogue in the final film, music will be essential to how it works.  I have begun to make the music, we will be using a cover for one of the songs as sometimes a song fits better than anything you could writer.  There is another song which will be an original and the supporting music will be emotively based.


I will be making some new updates to my website today on the back of this Blog so please feel free to check it out:-

Thanks for reading and following my art.

Take Care

Colin / Cape / Capemedia