Friday, 21 July 2017

Invigorated July

Hello Everyone,


So we are halfway through the year and it's time to look back and see if progress has been made in the world of Capemedia UK.

On Facebook we have around reasonable following on our page, with for such a micro media company is pretty good.  However we only seem to have a few YouTube subscribers around 150.  I think this is down to the fact I've had a few disputes over the years which has caused my accounts to be temporarily blocked.  Also YouTube is pretty hard to get established, it's like a full time job.  

So from the end of 2016 and the production of CCMTT A Little History, to the setup of my Newsletter in March 2017, the release of my showreel in April and the continued development of "A Tale of Time" now 18 months since the idea was conceived.  It's been a busy year, considering I do all this part time.


Software Updates

My software of choice iClone7 has been released this month.  As someone who has been involved with Reallusion since iClone1 I have been part of the development of this amazing software
"Integrated with the latest real-time technologies, iClone7 simplifies the world of 3D Animation in a user-friendly production environment that blends character creation, animation, scene design and cinematic storytelling. The GPU powered renderer gives unparalleled production speed and artistic visual quality. iClone has been widely used by indie filmmakers, pro studio crews, previs team, as well as writers, directors, animators, advertisers or anyone that wishes to quickly turn their vision into a reality."


Project Updates

During the last month I have been testing iClone 7 with my "A Tale of Time" project and to get the look I want to create.  During the beta testing period a lot of these tests had to have protected links.

So I'm now happy to compile all tests to date into one video.

I'm now moving onto more lighting tests with the new Global Illumination system built into iClone to determine if I can get the quality I was getting with Indigo RT.

I'm also behind in designing all my characters and getting the script finished.  Yes I know get your finger out lad.


Under the Hood

A brand new section I'm adding to the Newsletter and Blog.  This is a special section that will allow me to let you peep over the fence at what's going on the world of Capemedia UK.

I'll show you animation tests, music compositions, images and more.

This month I'm sharing an extract from the "A  Tale of Time" script.

S.F.X:  Old Building change to RECRUITMENT OFFICE 
The scene begins to change and the building now is new.  It is an army recruitment building.  There are people stood around in civilian and soldiers clothes. 
Albert (Old Man) and Jenny (SOT) stand again but disconnected from the scene.
Near the front stood next to an army vehicle are two young men admiring their uniforms and themselves.
One of the men is black and the other white.  Both have names on their uniforms.  "Johnson" & "Thomas".  These two men are Albert and Louis as young men. 

Damn, we didn't half look good.
Louis was bit of a ladies man. 
We watch as Louis watches a couple of woman walk past.  He gives them a suave look as they pass. 

Fighting for your country was a sacrifice. 

We had no choice.  We were on the verge of being invaded.  We had to protect our families, our homes. 

Even Judith?


In closing

Thanks for your continued support.

Colin Cooper (aka Capemedia)

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Painful June

Hello All,


So we all are affected by event sometimes that are so big they impact every part of our lives. This Blog should never be political or personal but over the last few years events have made it in.  The recent terror attacks in the UK have moved me and my family so much it cannot be ignored.  And as I type there has been yet another horror attack in London.

So to everyone who has lost family or have been impacted by these events my thoughts and prayers go out to you.

One Love!


"A Tale of Time"


I've continued to build on the testing for this project.  My main area currently is character design and it's taking quite some time as this project covers many decades of time and they need to look right.

I've created another test and uploaded it.

This process is slow but I've completed my second character emotion set.


What's next?

I need to continue to design my characters for ATOT which will take a another few weeks.  I also need to complete the final script and have begun the beginning of that end.  Hopefully by the next newsletter I will be able to give you an update on that.

Then it will be onto the storyboards, which on a previous version I had completed but will need a refresh.


In closing

Make the most of everyday, cherish your loved ones because in a blink of an eye your world can be turned upside down.

I'm off on a much needed holiday now so until next time.

One Love and Take Care

Colin Cooper (aka Capemedia)

Sunday, 21 May 2017

I'm late for a very important date - May

Hello All,


It seems this thing called real life has a tendency to keep getting in the way when you're on a role and getting projects done.  This time I was asked to do some decorating at the end of April and this has now spilled into May.  Fingers crossed we have nearly finished and I can get back in the studio.


"A Tale of Time"


There's only one subject that I have been focusing on over the course of the last month and that is "A Tale of Time" or ATOT as it was affectionately named by one of my script reviewers.

I contacted a select group of trusted reviewers who I gave full license to critique my script. Rip it to pieces, tell me it's crap, love it, hate it or tell me it's the best thing ever, I didn't care.

Fortunately everyone came back with different views and reviews of the script.  But the theme which was the most consistent was everyone liked it.  Bonus! 

Next stage now is to read, compile all this feedback and refresh the script to make it even better.

Concept Art

More artwork from the talented artist we have onboard Natalie Ciufo Green

Character Design

As promised last month I've been working on my characters.  Designing the look of each character using the morph options within CC2.0 including clothing for different time periods is one thing.  How the react to certain situations defines their characteristics, which is crucial to all great animation.

Here are my tests.

Here is a very early and still a work in progress animation.


Closing thoughts

I always find it amazing sometimes when you discuss what you're trying to do with like minded people and they help you see things maybe you couldn't.  This happened this month with one of my reviewers and even though we have never talked before we seemed to be on the same page.

So I would like to take this opportunity to thanks all my reviewers for their time and especially Anita Bell for the Google hangout on about this project.

Take Care

Colin Cooper (aka Capemedia)

Friday, 21 April 2017

April has spring in the air

Hello All,


We are finally seeing the early signs of spring.  In the UK the clocks have gone back and the great British summer time has began.

I always feel invigorated by the bright morning and the nice long evening, winter in the UK is generally grey and very damp.  It's nice to see colours returning to my world.

What has also helped is my few days away in Wales with my wife which has helped us both recharge after a long winter period, Christmas and the start of this new year.



We released our 2017 showreel this last month exclusively on Dailymotion.

We have plans to release this on YouTube but due to my relationship with the site I may need to make changes from this. 



So for those not following Capemedia UK on Facebook we are re-doing "A Tale of Time".  As explained over the last couple of months, there is a new major update to our animation software of choice which will allow us to produce stunning visuals.

We have a some new people on board.  A friend of the family has produced some stunning concept artwork.

I'm rewriting the script, which now will contain dialogue, new characters and completely new ending.

Finally we will be organising the entire project, to a proper timeline.  We will set targets and set a date for each of the milestones, including the dates we apply or start funding.


Character Animation

So there are many facets to making a good animation film or short.  People focus on the quality of the story, the impressive visuals, the musical score, the composition, etc.  All vital but amertuer or low budget animation can sometimes miss a trick with good quality character animation.

So I'm going to be doing some tests and see what level of character animation I can achieve with iClone.  Generally a motion capture and standard library motions are what a lot of the community use.  But can I take this to the next level?

Keep posted and I'll update my findings.


In Closing

I have a good feeling about how things will go going forward. I have a new mantra to follow and new approach.  We will see if this works. 

Thanks for passing, reading, supporting and commenting.

Take Care

Colin Cooper (aka Capemedia)

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Eventually the pieces fall into place

Hello Everyone,


As the years and month passed.  I've felt on numerous occasions that everything was falling into place and the "Big" thing was just in touch.

What I've learned is that even when you can almost touch what you want, that little journey, that little but more, is just still another mountain that needs to be climbed.

After moving my focus away from "A Tale of Time" last year to help and support my daughters school and their first show.  2017 has seen me revisit the project and consider some massive plans for myself and all our supporters.


Social Networking

Mailing List

So at the beginning February we created a link to our mailing list to get our new newsletter for 2017.  We released the first version in March 2017.

The newsletter will give people the chance to hear Capemedia UK news before anybody else, even this Blog!

So if you haven't signed up, just visit and fill out the very simple form to get on the mailing list.

Be the first to hear what's going on and signup today


Another milestone was reached this last month when we smashed through 2500 likes on our page.



We announced on our Facebook page that we will be releasing our 2017 showreel very soon.  So keep posted to the page and "Like" it if you want to keep up to date with the latest news.

As many who follow Capemedia UK know I put "A Tale of Time" on hold at the end of 2016.  With our animation software of choice iClone releasing version 7 this year we can only benefit from this huge update.

Now we have decided to take "A Tale of Time" on a different route I've been able to take stock, stand back and way up many aspects of the project.

I'm over the moon to say that I've managed to get an amazing artist Natalie Ciufo Green onboard to help with the concept art.  Please visit her page - Mille Baci on Facebook. 

Here is just a taste of what she has done for this project.

She will help me get my ideas into visual collections.

Much, much more in regards to this project will be released in the coming weeks and months but it's very exciting for me.

Other News

Funding is possibly going to be the make or break this year for me.  If I can get a plan together, execute it and get to my end game then Capemedia UK will have finally got to where I've always wanted.

"Time will Tell"

Thanks for passing, reading, supporting and commenting.

Take Care

Colin Cooper (aka Capemedia)

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

2017 begins like a flash

Hello Everyone,


So another year is upon us, this is the 4th year I've been doing these blogs and I never had any clue as to what was going to transpire.

Back then Capemedia UK Limited was quite busy.  We had regular client work every week, we had clients contacting us to produce work for them and things were on the up.

Over the past few years the requests have come in but there has been a distinctive change.  My focus moved to the everyday, my family and my job.  Over the last few years there have been project releases, but in the main the bigger, bolder projects have ran out of steam and halted.

Looking back I spent many hours on these projects and fell foul of the reality of how much a single person doing everything can do.  I've read articles of individuals spending years to complete one short film but with me I've always lost interest and haven't stuck to it.

However I have learned.



So I recently premiered the film called "CCMTT A Little History" locally.  I worked on this film for around 6 weeks and it was around 2 hours long.

It covered the history of my daughters school, her own career and the catalyst behind the school.  We filmed the entire show and we even included a bloopers reel.

I ended up getting an applause on the night from the audience which was unexpected but very nice to receive.

I'm now preparing the DVDs for those who wish to purchase one and they should be on sale from February 2017.

At the beginning of 2016 I mentioned the fact I had come up with an idea for a story in the December of 2015 and would make this into an animation project.

Over the last year I strived to have this released but things got in the way and in the end the project fizzled out.

However I still believe in the story.

So I'm revisiting this project in 2017.  Rethinking about it.  Reimagining it.  And hopefully going to get back on it.



One of the biggest concerns with my animation software iClone was that it never really produced the render quality I wanted.  Even "A Tail of Time" the production images were all rendered in a 3rd party tool called Indigo RT which looked great but with unrealistic in render times.

iClone 7, I hope will change that.  Coming this year it will have it's own high quality render engine that I think will bridge the gap for me.  In terms of quality over time.

It's an exciting time and maybe just maybe "A Tail of Time" might just benefit from the fact I never finished it in 2016?



I started to rebuild my website at the end of last year but never got around to completing it.  This is on my radar to do.  It will have space dedicated to "A Tail of Time" with updates, images, videos and a Vlog.

I'm hoping to tell the story of the production as I move through it.  Discussing the story, the characters, music, production, animation and many others.

I will also be re-organising my hosting sites.  YouTube let me down last year so I want to move my videos over to Dailymotion.  However I'm not going to shoot myself in the foot.  I'll use YouTube as well as a way of promoting Capemedia's work.

We will also be adding Instagram to our social networking portfolio this year.

All links are on our website but they are here also:-


Other News

So thanks for dropping by.  Let's hope that my plans for 2017 work out well and that we have some amazing art to show you.

Take Care

Colin (aka Capemedia)

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Last update for 2016

Hello All,


Well what a year but first may I offer an apology to all my followers of Capmedia UK.

"I'm Sorry" 

I'm sorry for the lack of updates over the last few months, since October I stopped my online and digital work.  I moved into supporting my daughters school with her first show.  This took up far more time then I expected.

Those who have followed Capemedia over the years will have know that we lost a very special person at the end of 2015 and my daughter dedicated her first show to him, while raising money for a local charity.


Currently I'm working on a film to review my daughters schools first year which ended with her amazing showcase "Performance for Peter".  This should be premiered in January 2017.

Last year I started work on "A Tale of Time" I suppose I ran out of steam while working on this and the live work I ended up doing was a welcomed relief from it.  However now as we move into a New Year I want to continue the work.  I've met new people over the last few months and many ideas have been added to the original, which will make this even better.

Something that will only benefit this project and bring that visual sparkle will be the new version of iClone 7, coming early in the year.  Brand new Camera system, native render engine, enhanced visuals should propel "A Tale of Time" forward to where it needs to be.

I need to upgrade my hardware with a new graphics card and this should be completed in January so I can really take of advantage of the new software.

Review of 2016


I published an updated website including a tribute page -

Also the first mention of "A Tale of Time" was done on the 17th January.


We introduced my daughter new school to the Capemedia UK followers.

We also had a warning from in regards to one of my tribute videos "Be Water".  It took around 6 months for this to be lifted.  The damage was already done and we moved to Dailymotion.


The first draft storyboards were released for "A Tale of Time"


We released a number of Indigo RT renders of the characters from "A Tale of Time". Beautiful images but totally impracticable as it was taking 20 mins to produce 1 frame.


The first teaser for "A Tale of Time" was released.

Looking back this teaser will need to be replaced when the new Hardware and Software is used in 2017.

June & July

We upgraded our PC to the new Windows 10.  At first we were hesitant to do so but after using it for 6 months it wasn't as bad as first feared.

We also had a major hardware upgrade as my trusty Audio / Interface the Edirol FA101 died.  Due to this I had to make a purchase and went for the award winning Focusrite Scarlett 18i8

August & September

Quite an eventful period, from hardware failures, to getting back into the studio after a period out, to getting over 1200 likes on our Facebook page.

October to the end of the year

As explained in the first part of this Blog, I moved into show work for the last part of the year.

New Year - 2017

As in every end of year post we all have so many plans for the coming year.  We all want things to be better than the previous year, we want the best for our families, friends, companies etc.  This time I'm not asking for anything, or setting any great expectation on myself.  I'm just going to enter the New Year with a smile on my face and see what it brings.

Thank you for reading, watching and supporting Capemedia UK over the last year and finally I wish you all a Happy New Year.

Take care

Colin Cooper (aka Capemedia)