Sunday, 21 May 2017

I'm late for a very important date - May

Hello All,


It seems this thing called real life has a tendency to keep getting in the way when you're on a role and getting projects done.  This time I was asked to do some decorating at the end of April and this has now spilled into May.  Fingers crossed we have nearly finished and I can get back in the studio.


"A Tale of Time"


There's only one subject that I have been focusing on over the course of the last month and that is "A Tale of Time" or ATOT as it was affectionately named by one of my script reviewers.

I contacted a select group of trusted reviewers who I gave full license to critique my script. Rip it to pieces, tell me it's crap, love it, hate it or tell me it's the best thing ever, I didn't care.

Fortunately everyone came back with different views and reviews of the script.  But the theme which was the most consistent was everyone liked it.  Bonus! 

Next stage now is to read, compile all this feedback and refresh the script to make it even better.

Concept Art

More artwork from the talented artist we have onboard Natalie Ciufo Green

Character Design

As promised last month I've been working on my characters.  Designing the look of each character using the morph options within CC2.0 including clothing for different time periods is one thing.  How the react to certain situations defines their characteristics, which is crucial to all great animation.

Here are my tests.

Here is a very early and still a work in progress animation.


Closing thoughts

I always find it amazing sometimes when you discuss what you're trying to do with like minded people and they help you see things maybe you couldn't.  This happened this month with one of my reviewers and even though we have never talked before we seemed to be on the same page.

So I would like to take this opportunity to thanks all my reviewers for their time and especially Anita Bell for the Google hangout on about this project.

Take Care

Colin Cooper (aka Capemedia)

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