Sunday, 24 September 2017

Music and Animation

Hello All,
  • We will moving to a better Blog and Newsletter platform in 2018.  Which will allow easier creation of both, solve a few compatibility issues with our readers and open up some interesting options currently unavailable (More on this in 2018)
  • We have had a few issues with the Newsletter where some of our members have had difficulty seeing the newsletter in all it's glory due to software issues.  We will try to alleviate this issue from this month by moving it to a page on our website for easy viewing.
  • Over the past few years, within the News section I have expressed my feeling instead of the latest news about Capemedia UK.  From this month I'm splitting the opening section into my thoughts "Capes Corner" and regular "News"   

Capes Corner

In life sometimes you hear news that rocks you to your core.  Sadly this last week while away with my family I heard that a colleague who I use to work with had died.  She was younger than me and I had only recently see her.  I was stunned and saddened by this news and my thoughts were with her family.  It questioned my own morality and I was reminded again that within the blink of an eye any of us could be gone.



So as mentioned in the Changes section we will publishing this BLOG / Newsletter on our website.

(Newsletter Only) Please go HERE to view that version 


Social Media

We have been surprised recently as our page likes have began to decrease.  I suppose this is down to the amount of content that we provide.  Can I just remind people reading this BLOG / Newsletter or from our Facebook page, that Capemedia UK is 80% - 90% one person!  Just little old me, trying to produce content and keep everyone informed.  It's hard!

But like so many other one man bands trying to create new content that people can enjoy, it takes time.  As I have said many times before the production triangle only allows us 2 of 3 and that applies to every aspect of Capemedia UK.  From the animations, through to the music, right to the social network posts.

So we want to produce good animation and music, but we don't have a Hollywood budget so it's going to take time...a lot of's going to be slow!



I'm trying to get to grips of iClone 7 to fully understand the many new features that have been added and will continue to be added this year.

So as well as my epic 'ATOT' project I'm working on a little test production.  Based on, possibly the most played and request song I have written (With my good friend Neville Anthony) "If Ever" I'm working on an animated video for the song.

Here are a few teaser images.

In regards to A Tale of Time.  I had reached a massive landmark this last month and completed the re-write of the script.  I'm currently reviewing the final version before I sent it out for external reviewing.

We are making progress...slowly.  Happy Dance!


Closing Thoughts

So there are no Under the Hood section this month as I'm trying to get "If Ever" finished which is around 70% done.

Thanks for passing, reading, supporting and commenting.

Take Care

Colin Cooper (aka Capemedia)

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