Sunday, 20 August 2017

It's all about the Story

Hello All,


So it seems that if you have a family and a full time job then your life is open to drama which can cause massive disruption to any creativity you have.  Even if your children are adults, a crisis hits the family and everything goes up in the air.

This is how we creative part timers must live!

However with every step we take, every chapter seized and every project we complete.  The success of them should be sweeter, but we are so focused in the moment we easily lose sight of how far we have come.

We should all at times take a look at ourselves and see how far we have come.


Social Media

So this month we passed another milestone on our Facebook page and pushed past the 4000 likes on it.  Now I understand that likes are only one measurement to how successful a page is and the true metric is engagement which recently has been on the rise.

But it's a success that I'm celebrating (At least people had to click on the "Like" button)

Now to get my subscribers up on Youtube

Project Updates

So I have continued my tests with the new iClone 7 software.  There are many others doing the same and one concept is in regards to the DOF (Depth of Field) that is built into the camera's in iClone.

I know from previous version that the DOF had problems with things like opacity layers for example.  Fortunately some of the experienced users came up with a solution using the shadow settings and a post fix.

Here are my results

NOTE:  The DOF has been improved since this video was published and I know other users are beta testing further improvements.

Another test was in regards to little lighting in a scene.  I will be producing a video which will show this better but I created this image to show a blacked out scene, a shard of light and a volumetric prop.


Music Updates

Music is the area I have the most experience with over 30 years working in studios, live performances, shows, recording and composing.

I have a huge back catalogue of great music sitting on my computer that really need to be released to the world.  So I'm considering creating a quick project for 2017 of one of my old songs and getting it out there.

Maybe if people like this I'll get more of the back catalogue uploaded for people to listen to and enjoy.  My current uploaded music is on Soundcloud _________________________________________________________________________

Under the Hood

At the beginning of July I reached out to a couple of people to get advice on how to improve my stories, especially "A Tale of Time".  Now I know I had contacted people to review but I still felt the story could be better.

Well the thing I learned was missing, was structure.

I read a great book by Blake Snyder - Save the Cat!  I read a lot of stuff by Robert McKee regarding story, writing and whole host of topics.  But I didn't stop there I read and watched people who questioned these guys.

It's important to take on as much information you can and then decide how that is best for your work.  Snyder's Beat Sheet really did show my "A Tale of Time" had holes in it. Restructuring it now I feel let's the story flow better and hopefully when the second reviews come in I'll hear that from them.

However due to all this learning I'm currently re-writing and it's not finished just yet.

Oh yeah and the book is back on the agenda.


Closing Thoughts

Thanks for passing, reading, supporting and commenting.

Take Care

Colin Cooper (aka Capemedia)

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