Friday, 21 July 2017

Invigorated July

Hello Everyone,


So we are halfway through the year and it's time to look back and see if progress has been made in the world of Capemedia UK.

On Facebook we have around reasonable following on our page, with for such a micro media company is pretty good.  However we only seem to have a few YouTube subscribers around 150.  I think this is down to the fact I've had a few disputes over the years which has caused my accounts to be temporarily blocked.  Also YouTube is pretty hard to get established, it's like a full time job.  

So from the end of 2016 and the production of CCMTT A Little History, to the setup of my Newsletter in March 2017, the release of my showreel in April and the continued development of "A Tale of Time" now 18 months since the idea was conceived.  It's been a busy year, considering I do all this part time.


Software Updates

My software of choice iClone7 has been released this month.  As someone who has been involved with Reallusion since iClone1 I have been part of the development of this amazing software
"Integrated with the latest real-time technologies, iClone7 simplifies the world of 3D Animation in a user-friendly production environment that blends character creation, animation, scene design and cinematic storytelling. The GPU powered renderer gives unparalleled production speed and artistic visual quality. iClone has been widely used by indie filmmakers, pro studio crews, previs team, as well as writers, directors, animators, advertisers or anyone that wishes to quickly turn their vision into a reality."


Project Updates

During the last month I have been testing iClone 7 with my "A Tale of Time" project and to get the look I want to create.  During the beta testing period a lot of these tests had to have protected links.

So I'm now happy to compile all tests to date into one video.

I'm now moving onto more lighting tests with the new Global Illumination system built into iClone to determine if I can get the quality I was getting with Indigo RT.

I'm also behind in designing all my characters and getting the script finished.  Yes I know get your finger out lad.


Under the Hood

A brand new section I'm adding to the Newsletter and Blog.  This is a special section that will allow me to let you peep over the fence at what's going on the world of Capemedia UK.

I'll show you animation tests, music compositions, images and more.

This month I'm sharing an extract from the "A  Tale of Time" script.

S.F.X:  Old Building change to RECRUITMENT OFFICE 
The scene begins to change and the building now is new.  It is an army recruitment building.  There are people stood around in civilian and soldiers clothes. 
Albert (Old Man) and Jenny (SOT) stand again but disconnected from the scene.
Near the front stood next to an army vehicle are two young men admiring their uniforms and themselves.
One of the men is black and the other white.  Both have names on their uniforms.  "Johnson" & "Thomas".  These two men are Albert and Louis as young men. 

Damn, we didn't half look good.
Louis was bit of a ladies man. 
We watch as Louis watches a couple of woman walk past.  He gives them a suave look as they pass. 

Fighting for your country was a sacrifice. 

We had no choice.  We were on the verge of being invaded.  We had to protect our families, our homes. 

Even Judith?


In closing

Thanks for your continued support.

Colin Cooper (aka Capemedia)

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