Tuesday, 31 January 2017

2017 begins like a flash

Hello Everyone,


So another year is upon us, this is the 4th year I've been doing these blogs and I never had any clue as to what was going to transpire.

Back then Capemedia UK Limited was quite busy.  We had regular client work every week, we had clients contacting us to produce work for them and things were on the up.

Over the past few years the requests have come in but there has been a distinctive change.  My focus moved to the everyday, my family and my job.  Over the last few years there have been project releases, but in the main the bigger, bolder projects have ran out of steam and halted.

Looking back I spent many hours on these projects and fell foul of the reality of how much a single person doing everything can do.  I've read articles of individuals spending years to complete one short film but with me I've always lost interest and haven't stuck to it.

However I have learned.



So I recently premiered the film called "CCMTT A Little History" locally.  I worked on this film for around 6 weeks and it was around 2 hours long.

It covered the history of my daughters school, her own career and the catalyst behind the school.  We filmed the entire show and we even included a bloopers reel.

I ended up getting an applause on the night from the audience which was unexpected but very nice to receive.

I'm now preparing the DVDs for those who wish to purchase one and they should be on sale from February 2017.

At the beginning of 2016 I mentioned the fact I had come up with an idea for a story in the December of 2015 and would make this into an animation project.

Over the last year I strived to have this released but things got in the way and in the end the project fizzled out.

However I still believe in the story.

So I'm revisiting this project in 2017.  Rethinking about it.  Reimagining it.  And hopefully going to get back on it.



One of the biggest concerns with my animation software iClone was that it never really produced the render quality I wanted.  Even "A Tail of Time" the production images were all rendered in a 3rd party tool called Indigo RT which looked great but with unrealistic in render times.

iClone 7, I hope will change that.  Coming this year it will have it's own high quality render engine that I think will bridge the gap for me.  In terms of quality over time.

It's an exciting time and maybe just maybe "A Tail of Time" might just benefit from the fact I never finished it in 2016?



I started to rebuild my website at the end of last year but never got around to completing it.  This is on my radar to do.  It will have space dedicated to "A Tail of Time" with updates, images, videos and a Vlog.

I'm hoping to tell the story of the production as I move through it.  Discussing the story, the characters, music, production, animation and many others.

I will also be re-organising my hosting sites.  YouTube let me down last year so I want to move my videos over to Dailymotion.  However I'm not going to shoot myself in the foot.  I'll use YouTube as well as a way of promoting Capemedia's work.

We will also be adding Instagram to our social networking portfolio this year.

All links are on our website but they are here also:-


Other News

So thanks for dropping by.  Let's hope that my plans for 2017 work out well and that we have some amazing art to show you.

Take Care

Colin (aka Capemedia)

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