Saturday, 31 December 2016

Last update for 2016

Hello All,


Well what a year but first may I offer an apology to all my followers of Capmedia UK.

"I'm Sorry" 

I'm sorry for the lack of updates over the last few months, since October I stopped my online and digital work.  I moved into supporting my daughters school with her first show.  This took up far more time then I expected.

Those who have followed Capemedia over the years will have know that we lost a very special person at the end of 2015 and my daughter dedicated her first show to him, while raising money for a local charity.


Currently I'm working on a film to review my daughters schools first year which ended with her amazing showcase "Performance for Peter".  This should be premiered in January 2017.

Last year I started work on "A Tale of Time" I suppose I ran out of steam while working on this and the live work I ended up doing was a welcomed relief from it.  However now as we move into a New Year I want to continue the work.  I've met new people over the last few months and many ideas have been added to the original, which will make this even better.

Something that will only benefit this project and bring that visual sparkle will be the new version of iClone 7, coming early in the year.  Brand new Camera system, native render engine, enhanced visuals should propel "A Tale of Time" forward to where it needs to be.

I need to upgrade my hardware with a new graphics card and this should be completed in January so I can really take of advantage of the new software.

Review of 2016


I published an updated website including a tribute page -

Also the first mention of "A Tale of Time" was done on the 17th January.


We introduced my daughter new school to the Capemedia UK followers.

We also had a warning from in regards to one of my tribute videos "Be Water".  It took around 6 months for this to be lifted.  The damage was already done and we moved to Dailymotion.


The first draft storyboards were released for "A Tale of Time"


We released a number of Indigo RT renders of the characters from "A Tale of Time". Beautiful images but totally impracticable as it was taking 20 mins to produce 1 frame.


The first teaser for "A Tale of Time" was released.

Looking back this teaser will need to be replaced when the new Hardware and Software is used in 2017.

June & July

We upgraded our PC to the new Windows 10.  At first we were hesitant to do so but after using it for 6 months it wasn't as bad as first feared.

We also had a major hardware upgrade as my trusty Audio / Interface the Edirol FA101 died.  Due to this I had to make a purchase and went for the award winning Focusrite Scarlett 18i8

August & September

Quite an eventful period, from hardware failures, to getting back into the studio after a period out, to getting over 1200 likes on our Facebook page.

October to the end of the year

As explained in the first part of this Blog, I moved into show work for the last part of the year.

New Year - 2017

As in every end of year post we all have so many plans for the coming year.  We all want things to be better than the previous year, we want the best for our families, friends, companies etc.  This time I'm not asking for anything, or setting any great expectation on myself.  I'm just going to enter the New Year with a smile on my face and see what it brings.

Thank you for reading, watching and supporting Capemedia UK over the last year and finally I wish you all a Happy New Year.

Take care

Colin Cooper (aka Capemedia)

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