Sunday, 2 October 2016

Back to work for Autumn

Hello All,


So finally after a few months off for the summer and building work being done on my home I started back in the studio.  I had a few clients jobs to complete and then got back on my projects.

It's always hard when your business is only part time and your day time job eats up so much time.  But so many people go through these issues, but as you get older you don't always have the stamina you had.

After a very mixed up, difficult and challenging 2016, with setbacks, routine changes and new roles.  It will be nice to look forward to Christmas and new opportunities in 2017.


Social Network

Another fantastic achievement that happened this month was my page on Facebook reached 1200 likes.

This an incredible amount of people to be engaging and it's wonderful to see this page grow. With more and more people being interested in what Capemedia UK is up to.  I try and keep updates on this page regular, sometimes daily mostly weekly.



Another facebook update mentioned that we were back in the studio and working again on "A Tale of Time".

Over the past few weeks I have concentrated on getting the characters right.  I have designed and re-designed them as they are fundamental to the story.

Over the next couple of weeks I will refine my designs.  Due to the nature of the story my characters will need to be dressed for certain events in time, so I cannot create just one version, in some cases 3 or 4.


Next steps

I have said this before, but I want to show my progress to my main and only project as it will take quite some time to complete.  There will be character, animation, music and other updates that need to be shared.

I hope that I can give more information away as the project progresses.

Thanks for visiting

Colin (aka Capemedia)

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