Sunday, 4 September 2016

Summer always seems to end with good memories

Hello All,


So after last month's Blog of fun and relaxation, this pretty much continued throughout August.  However with the added issue that I was having building work on my house as I had my bathroom refurbished.

Two rooms that cause the biggest upheaval when being done are the kitchen and bathroom and the 3/4 weeks my bathroom was being completed was no different.  The main issue is my studio and bathroom are on the same floor and are at either ends of the same corridor.  Due to the amount of dirt and dust, I had to keep my visits limited so pretty much nothing was done for yet another month.

Added to this I took my wife on holiday for her birthday, I think in total I've had a far few weeks to rest, relax, recharge, reflect and plan.

Windows 10 and future upgrades

So as I discussed last month I finally took the plunge and upgraded my main studio PC to Windows 10 and was worried how things would go.

Well after a few weeks of using it now it has worked out quite well and I'm pleased.

I am considering getting a couple of new pieces of equipment over the next few months.  The first will possibly be a new graphics card.  I've got the GTX960 but I really like the new range that has been released by NVIDIA.

The prices have been crazy recently but once they settle down I'll make my choice.

The second item I want to get is a Seaboard ROLI Rise

I went and had a play on one a few weeks back and love the way you can easily build expression into you playing.

I'll keep you updated on what I do.


I think the time away from my projects have been good for me.  Why?  Because sometimes you feel that you need to complete something and maybe produce substandard work.  Taking time out allows you to readdress and rethink options in your projects and make improvements you may not have thought of before.

I began my journey with "A Tale of Time" in December 2015, I wrote the story and then the script.  Produced the storyboard and started to build the animation, releasing a teaser back in May.

The wonderful thing about this story is that it will be something that is not tied to any period in time.  It won't get old and hopefully people will be able to enjoy it in many years to come.

But to complete this project will take dedication on my part to see this through to the end.  I've decided to set a release date but don't want to publish this just yet until I'm in a good place.

What's next?

As summer comes to an end, children return to school and college.  The nights begin to draw in and the countdown to Christmas starts.  I want to reassess "A Tale of Time" this has to be the best work I have ever created and there a good reasons for that (But that's for another day).  I want to make some VBlogs of the "making of" this film as there are so many facets, if I'm anything to go of, people will be interested.

So keep an eye on this Blog, my facebook page, Twitter, my website, my YouTube and Dailymotion channels.  I will keep updating things as they happen.

Thanks for passing by

Take care

Colin (aka Capemedia)

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