Sunday, 1 May 2016

May the renders be with you!

Hello All,

So we are fast approaching the middle of the year and over the last month I had been doing research.  Related to this years project but mainly the alternatives to my current animation pipeline.


With iClone being a real time 3D animation tool, the native render engine is very, very fast. Even with everything on max you can still preview.  Only when you have a busy scene with multiple lights and characters does it begin to lose FPS (Frames per second).  However I generally only use this as a preview to check the look before rendering out.

As any animatic project it works incredible and I'm sure with so many facilities like video within iClone, many people can produce some breathtaking stuff.  However when it come to broadcast / professional animation it falls short.

I have used the native render engine and will need to continue with it until the technology catches up and allows me to produce the quality I want.

So here are some indigo RT renders of the quality I would like to animate at.

I might still be able to do something at this quality but it will not be the main animation piece.

There are a number of other render engines that I have heard might work with iClone.  One can only hope that enough people want to have a professional render engine option.  I however would like either of these.


Only time will tell if we get these options, improvements to the existing issues or something completely different.

I hope that I'm not forced down a road I don't want to go down as I might be able to switch to Maya this year, we will see? 


As well as producing the animation for "A Tale of Time" the second biggest part of this project is the music.  Mainly because there is no dialogue in the piece and that the music will play an even more important part.  With the normal score, I'm going to need emotion filled music as well as melodic songs to tell the tale.  Any songs will be in "English" but will be used only appropriately not to spoil any language barriers.

Check out my music on Soundcloud.

New Animation Logo

So this year I've come up with a new animation logo design.

"A Tale of Time" will feature this for the first time.

"A Tale of Time" Teaser

So I'm pleased to announce that the release date for the first teaser will be the weekend of the 15th May 2016.

I hope you all are looking for your first tease for this project.

"A Tale of Time" Production Update

Project is currently on target with a 23% ready.  I should make some big movements to this over the next couple of weeks as I get the teaser ready for release.

So that it for this month, keep an regular eye on Facebook and Twitter.

Until next, thanks for passing by and seeing what we're up to.

Take Care

Colin (aka Capemedia)

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