Friday, 3 June 2016

A change in the June air.

Hello Everyone,


So in starting I just wanted to discuss briefly the last month.  There was a couple of highlights that happened.  Around the middle of May Reallusion release their long await clothing pack Professional Outfits.

An outstanding pack and one I added to my large arsenal of assets.
Another interesting piece of news was that Amazon were starting a video on demand service, similar to YouTube where you can get paid for you content.

I am currently checking with them regarding the signup but if this works for me then I will be closing my account down on YouTube.  But not just yet!
I have also been offered the opportunity to join a beta test for my animation software of choice.  I'm not to mention too much but I will taking this new version for a test drive in the next couple of weeks.


Typically work turns up like buses.  You have long periods sometimes where you have time to complete projects and then suddenly out of the blue a number of jobs drop in your lap all at the same time and needing to be completed within the same time frame.  Possibly for the first time I have had to push my personal projects back, reschedule my current client commitments and the worst being I have had to turn down work as I just cannot fit everything in.  I currently have a full time day time job and Capemedia UK is still on a part time basis.

As discussed in the past I hope that one day I can do this full time but I need a few things to fall into place first.  Any rich productions companies out there who would like to take Capemedia UK under you wing then don't hesitate to contact us.


So this month I released the teaser to "A Tale of Time" exclusively on Dailymotion.

I'm really proud of how this teaser has been received with lots of very promising comments and view on Dailymotion.  130 views to date is pretty good for something not on YouTube.

There is a "Easter Egg" in the video which nobody has mentioned or noticed but I'll give a big clue away here - It appears around the 1:02 minute mark.  This is a crucial clue to the story of "A Tale of Time.

More will be released over the next couple of weeks.

Current progress is sitting at around 27%

Release Date - TBA


So based on the fact "A Tale of Time" will have no dialogue in the final film, music will be essential to how it works.  I have begun to make the music, we will be using a cover for one of the songs as sometimes a song fits better than anything you could writer.  There is another song which will be an original and the supporting music will be emotively based.


I will be making some new updates to my website today on the back of this Blog so please feel free to check it out:-

Thanks for reading and following my art.

Take Care

Colin / Cape / Capemedia

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