Friday, 1 April 2016

After Easter and April fools, do I stylze or not.

Hello All,

The year is flying

Well this year is really motoring, with Easter having gone as well as today being April fools day.  Soon be Christmas....noooo!!!

So as always a lot happens over a month but last month I was looking at moving my films over to Dailymotion as I was unhappy with Youtube.  After thinking about this I'm going to use Dailymotion to premiere new content but then use Youtube as well.

I need to use Youtube to help me grow and no matter how I feel, sadly that is the place to be.

You can view the first uploaded short film here now:-


I released some storyboard art I had been working on since the beginning of the year now that I had completed this phase of the project.

These are taken from Scene 3


There have been some amazing developments in iClone this year with new tools and amazing add ons.  Due to this I've started to rethink the way I want "A Tale of Time" to look and feel.

One of my main decision has come from using Character Creator and a number of morph packs, some from the talented Toko Motion.

So I have made the decision to use more stylized characters in this project:-

This is Albert before, with just the older version of him stylized:-

Then after a bit of thought, design and implementation here is the new Albert Thomas:-

Here is another character:-


The biggest decision that I've had to turn down is the render engine.  The above images are all rendered out of iClone and take around a few seconds on the highest settings.  They look good and will fulfill my needs, but Indigo RT doesn't half look beautiful.

The same images but rendered in Indigo RT - Girl 20 minutes, Albert 15 minutes:-

Now considering that this project will be around 10 - 12 minutes, that's 720 seconds, which is around 17,280 frames.  To render this project in Indigo RT without the setup times would take 95 hours.....very painful!

Sadly, I think I'll use this mainly for PR.

So that's the end of this month's Blog.  Please use the Facebook page for more regular updates.

Until next time, take care and thanks for visiting.


Capemedia (aka Colin Cooper)

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