Monday, 29 February 2016

A leap year without a leap of faith

Hello Everyone,

Frustration and video hosting

I've left updating this month BLOG until today the 29th February 2016.  An interesting day in that as you know it only comes around once every 4 years.  To some degree this is similar to major decision that I have made.  They only happen every few years and today I feel events are forcing me to make one.

I have been a long time user of Youtube, all my videos that I have produced over the years have always been uploaded and my small but dedicated subscribers have been notified of them.  Over the years though things have gotten worse, the merge of Youtube and Google was not great for me.


Google around 10 years ago banned me from Google Ads.  This I have tried on many occasions to address but I get no where, so I gave up trying.  Now over the years I have been stung by Youtube's "Copyright" issues and some I have accepted but in some cases they have been downright wrong and the hassle to prove your innocence is incredible.  Even in one case where I wrote, performed, produced and recorded my own song they tried to tell me I had used someone else's work, it was mine!  But the guilty until proven innocent issue has always bothered me.

In some cases I used the fair usage policy to protect myself.  But even this has now come under attack by Youtube's systems algorithm! 

This last week my video "Be Water - Bruce Lee Tribute" had a copyright claim put on it based on the fact I'd used a piece of audio from his 1971 Pierre Berton interview.  My account now is in "Bad Standing" and I've been warned that if I receive two more claims my account will be terminated.  I need to wait 6 months now to get my account back!

I wouldn't mind if everyone adhered to the rules but they don't and in some cases the videos are so wrong from a copyright point I'm amazed they are still playing?

So where does this leave Capemedia UK and Youtube/Google.  Well I'm seriously thinking of moving my work to another hosting website like Vimeo or Dailymotion.  Haven't decided which platform is better but I am leaning towards Dailymotion.


I've never made any money from Google or YouTube so you would think I was safe, sadly that is not the case and I feel I would prefer to jump then be pushed.

I will keep this BLOG posted of my choice.



Last month I mentioned my project for 2016 and gave away a snippet of an image from a set I was working on.  Over the last few weeks I have posted other artwork and shots from the project on my Facebook Page.

Today I'm proud to announce the name of this project and the first teaser poster.

"A Tale of Time" was an idea I had over the Christmas period 2015 during some very difficult times for me and my family.  I want this to be my best work to date, I want this to be enjoyed by everyone regardless of language and I want this to be classed as an animated film not a piece of "Virtual Cinema" or "Machinima".

I can only live in hope.

Production Update - "A Tale of Time"

Please come back for more information on this as we move forward towards a release date.


Thanks for popping round and taking the time to read my BLOG.

Until next time


Colin (aka Capemedia)

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