Thursday, 28 August 2014

New Beginnings...Again

Hello Everyone

Back when I started blogger I called my opening blog “New Beginnings” and now looking back it wasn’t a new beginning just the start of a period of time where things would get steadily worse and worse to the point I am today.

Over this second year for Capemedia UK Limited things have been in decline.  I’ve tried to resurrect old partnerships and clients; I’ve tried new avenues and started new projects which I have not finished.  I’ve felt unloved!

After taking a long hard look at myself, I asked the question “Have I done enough?” and to be honest ‘No’.  Which makes me realise that if I don’t put the effort in nobody else is going to follow, support or even like my work.

So in summary since March 2014 I have failed.

Then I read these lines:-
“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.” Samuel Beckett

I talked though my concerns with my family and they agreed I took my eye off the ball and things have not gone well.  But it’s not the end, just the beginning of the next phase of Capemedia.


So what have I been doing in the last 6 months, nothing?

‘No’ I’ve worked on two major projects and written some music.  I just need to get it all finished.

For “United Alliance - Forged Universe” here is some concept art.

I will be updating my website over the next few days and starting my online shop.

So from the ashes of a poor last 6 months I’m determined to rise and bring new projects, music and art to everyone who follows us.

Thanks for your support


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