Monday, 24 March 2014

Of March and Men

Hello All,

My last blog post was from the 1st February and I remember thinking I need to keep things ticking over and keep my followers up to date.  In some respects I did and I regularly post updates on my Facebook page LINK.  Sadly my Twitter and BLOG have not been updated as much.  So I feel a little like Lennie Small in "Of Mice and Men" in that I have not taken care of the little things and not taking care can be catastrophic.

So that was then and this is now, what's been going on?

Well my Facebook page likes grew to over 400 over the last month which really surprised me and this has remained a constant.  It pays to keep people informed of what your doing and with these lessons learned I need to engage more, across all my social media outlets.

At the beginning of February I released a short Demo Reel "Capemedia Happy Demo Reel 2014" - I suspect the use of "Happy" by Pharrell Williams may have reduced the number of views significantly.  I will address this eventually, but for now if you can view have a watch and comment.

On the 22nd February, Capemedia UK Limited celebrate our first year as a limited company.  Even though we have been around for 9 years, this was quite a fundamental achievement for us.  Next May 2015 we will celebrate 10 years, that will be really special for us :)

Currently I'm working a logo for a production company in the States, which we are nearing the end of.  I'm glad to say that the company has been really good with us and supportive of the fact we a single studio and things take a little longer for the quality we aspire to produce.

My own projects are still "United Alliance" which is slowly gathering pace, here is another promotional piece of artwork.

Finally, I have began work on my next Score Variations pack.  I'm excited about this pack as it's aimed at a more dramatic productions and hopefully allow people to incorporate it into their projects.  My on-line store will feature my Score Variations music and I'll post a special promotion when the shop goes live on this blog, so please keep your eyes peeled.

OK that's all from me for now.

Thanks for following and reading

Kind Regards



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