Saturday, 1 February 2014

The year begins....slowly

Hello All,

Well today the 1st February 2014 has really come around quickly, in fact it feels like it's crept up on me while I was paying attention.

This first month has flown by but Capemedia has moved along very slowly.  Yes my client work has been done but not much else.

I'm currently still working on some long term projects but I have 2 new clients that I'm trying to free some time up for.

Time is something that is precious to me and it's a commodity that I cannot get enough of, but that's my problem and something I hope to resolve in 2014.

So other then my paying work what is my plans for 2014?

Well I want to complete my United Alliance project which will give me a good idea of how to make a project like this.

Here's another pic:-

Also I would like to enter a couple of competitions, one of them being the Pinhead annual comp:-

I've always wanted to but that time issue has always got in the way.

Finally I heard that Nickelodeon is looking for new talent and ideas, I have a very old idea that I wrote for children when they were very young, that could be good.

So other then the year going at light speed and my work going at a snails pace, everything is going plan :)

Until next time

Thanks for reading

Colin (aka Capemedia)

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