Monday, 2 December 2013

The year comes to a close!

Hello Everyone,

It is sad to think that over the last few months I have been so busy that I have been unable to keep my blog, website and twitter accounts going.

As we see the end of another epic year both personally and commercially, I look forward to my 9th year as Capemedia UK and my first anniversary as a limited company in February.

A massive year of establishing, learning's, failings and understandings.  I now have a little time to look at where I am and where Capemedia is going to go.

The first thing I need to dedicate time to is keeping everyone who follows me up to date with the world of Capemedia, so I'm making myself a pledge to do an update once a month.  On twitter, on Facebook, this blog or my website.

The website has finally been updated and I've added a list of all my Films, sadly not all can be viewed just yet but I'm getting there.  Also on the "About" page I have added the many satisfied clients I have worked for or still in the process of working for.

Regarding projects I have a brand new idea which I have already been working on.  I was going to go for funding but maybe that's a little premature at this stage and I need to prove concept.  So my next project will be a short test piece called "United Alliance"

An existing idea that will test my capabilities but also that of the characters involved.

On closing I would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and prosperous New Year and hope that 2014 is bigger and better then 2013.

Take Care

Colin Cooper - Managing Director of Capemedia UK Limited

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