Sunday, 2 June 2013

Busy busy busy Summer

Hello All,


Well it looks like the Great British Summer is upon us and the sun is shining, which is nice but not for spending time in a studio.  Unfortunately a studio is where the Capemedia UK magic happens.

"So what has been happening" I hear you ask?

Well "Score Variations" was released on the 22nd May 2013, which I am so pleased about.  This is only the first piece of a larger product, but I needed to make a start.


I also spent the time and money upgrading my main studio PC, so that is had a faster processor, more memory but more importantly I went 64bit, with Windows 7.

The hardware change took a few days but the software has still not all been installed yet, this takes a long time as I have that much.  I just wish I was in a situation where I employed someone to do it all, maybe one day?  I now need to upgrade my everyday PC, but that can wait.

My client work is my main focus and most of the time in the studio is doing this, so my creative work has been put on hold.  Simple formula really - Creative work = Fun / Client work = Money.

After all these years I have to be lucky that someone wants to pay me to use my talents.


Possibly the next project I do will have to be my product "Score Variations" and the next release.  I'm looking at producing some Epic and Film style music for this one, so watch this space.

Animation shorts and films are currently all on hold as I don't have the time, however I do have an idea and I'd love to have something available for the end of the year but we will have to see.

More news next month.

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