Friday, 10 May 2013

May the Force

Hello All,

Well another month has whizzed by and we are now in my birthday month, which is 2 days after Star Wars day the 4th.  They say the 6th is, Revenge of the 6th Day, but to me no revenge just a day with the family.

Anyhow back to Capemedia UK.

As usual I have been very busy, but to my annoyance my first product has not been made available on Reallusion's Content Store, they did tell me it would be a few weeks but this was uploaded on the 7th April.  So not happy there.

My other client work has gone really well and I'm now working every week on them, just waiting for the money to start rolling in now.

This last week I rebuilt my main Studio PC, moving to Windows 7 64bit, with a fast 6 core processors and mighty graphics card, my God can I tell the difference.

The long process of installing over 40 pieces of software has begun, but the main work horse pieces are on.

So there we are, more news next time.

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