Sunday, 7 April 2013

April is bustin' out all over.

Hello Everyone,

Yeah I know it's "June is bustin' out all over", but for Capemedia UK Limited so much has been going on and April is just blooming.

The website has new things coming on the next update, but one of the most exciting things is my first product under a limited company.

Currently being assessed, but I'm hoping it will be available soon.  This should be on the Reallusion Content Store very soon and available on our website

The first volume is Action Themes and has 3 themes included:-
  • "Covert"
  • "Eastern Mission"
  • "Crime Investigation"
Music scores for film and video is fundamental to the production of any project.  There a numerous different options available to directors and producers, but “Score Variations” by Capemedia UK Limited offers something different.

Each theme pack is based on a familiar premise, Action, Epic, Horror etc. and is designed to give you the tools so you can design the music for your project.

Each theme volume will come with a number of themed songs; within each themed song you will get a number of different mixes.  You will of course get the original full length song but also the shorter alternative mixes.
In other news
The work I have for my America client will begin very soon and I am in contract talks with a UK based client.
Really exciting times.
Thanks for reading

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