Monday, 25 May 2015

10 years of Capemedia UK and Batman

Hello All,


So after the passing of 10 years of Capemedia UK, was there a huge party, large celebration and media frenzy?  Well that would be a big "No"!

Sadly around the time we turned 10, we had a few personal issues which took the focus off Capemedia UK and over to family.

However to acknowledge the passing of our 10 year's birthday, here's a cake.



Remember this is the page to use if you want to find out regularly what's going on the in the Capemedia world.  Over the months I will post things that interest and inspire me in the world of film, animation and music.

Facebook Link

As I said last month I've started making music again, but nothing that is ready for release yet.  

Also "United Alliance" has taken a different direction due to Reallusions Game Character Animation Contest

Part of criteria for entering this competition is that we provide updates on the Polycount website

My direct Work in Progress (WIP) thread is here LINK 

Here are couple of images so far in my WIP thread.

An exclusive to this blog is the Poster for this project called "Batman - The Last Laugh"

This is taking place in the United Alliance universe and will fit into the overall theme of that project.  So I can use this again :)

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