Monday, 27 April 2015

April Showers with a Silver Lining

Hello All again,


Since my last blog entry quite a lot of things have been going on both in the Capemedia and my personal world.

Last time out I was working on changing my studio around, getting new equipment and hoping to get some inspiration.  I'm glad to report that I have managed to meet each of these and I'm looking upwards towards a better future now.

Not to dwell on the past but the concept of "Capemedia Productions" is actually 10 years old this May.  Funny it's the same as my birth month and I felt after all this time I might give away, why I named my production company "Capemedia".  

Well the letters for Cape are derived from my family and me.

So to explain:-

C = Catherine my daughter
A = Anthony my son
P = Paula my wife
E = was my best effort of including myself by dropping the "m".

And Capemedia Productions was born and Capemedia Limited is the company name.


Another great thing that happened during April was that the number of "Likes" on my Facebook Page went up by 95.  Which means we have 520 people following our page which is wonderful and I'd like to thank every single one of them.

This is the page to use if you want to find out regularly what's going on the in the Capemedia world.  Over the months I will post things that interest and inspire me in the world of film, animation and music.


I'm back making music again and I have to say it's fantastic to be tickling the ivory's again.  I have to say for music I need something that stirs inside me and gives me the passion for it.  Well totally by chance I stumbled across "Sorrento Moon" by Tina Arena which has blown my mind and I can't stop listening to it.  Some songs grab your very essence and in this case I needed to understand everything, the lyrics, the chord progressing, the production, everything!  I love it!

So I'm working on a cover of this song which I hope my amazing daughter will sing.

On other music fronts, I've started the second pack for Score Variations.  This will also be featured on my next animation short film to give it more impact.

So the next animation short film?

I decided to list all the outstanding projects to see what I had been working on over the last few years and what could be completed.  There are 9 projects all at different stages and I've decided to get "United Alliance" completed first (Yes I know it's been around for about 2 years)

So celebrate the fact I've picked something, I've gone back into iClone 6 and modified and improved two of the main characters from this short.

Wonder Woman

Ms Marvel

This short will test my production abilities, in animation, physics, special effects, post production, composition and music.

No easy task :) LOL

Until next time.  Remember, how it all came true, it was oh so tender, and I was lost with you, by the sweet Sorrento Moon.

Thanks for viewing


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