Monday, 2 November 2015

I missed a month and I liked it.

Hello Everyone,

Well it seems, no matter how I tried I have ended up missing a monthly Blog.  This was not done intentionally, it just happened.

Never mind!


OK so I have managed to release 2 more Vlogs since my last post.

Capemedia's World - Composing Music Ep1 (Vlog4) 

Capemedia's World - Artificial Intelligence (Vlog5) 

I have been trying to do weekly vlogs but when I try and work on my projects it seems this has a delaying effect on getting my vlogs published.



With the new Character Creator plugin for iClone I have been creating some new avatars for my productions.

This outstanding tool allows so much flexibility I've not even scrapped the surface yet with what it can do.

So my next short project called "Light and Day" is based around a new designed character and the new lighting system in iClone.  I may even throw in some Indigo renders as well.

Come back next month to see the finished project.

In the mean time you can keep up to date with everything going on in Capemedia's World,

On Soundcloud

Major update coming for the website in 2016, our 11th year.

Please come back for more on this BLOG.

Thanks for passing by.

Take Care.


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