Friday, 28 August 2015

Running through the Vlog

Hello Everyone,

Recently most of my spare time has been dedicated to a personal challenge to complete my first half marathon.  I have been a steady 10K runner for the past few years but moving to this new distance has really pushed me.

Adapting and taking on the extra training was very demanding on me.  My runs now were running over 2 hours and it began to tell on my body.  Fortunately I found a good sports phsio who helped me and prepared me for the event.

Sunday 23rd August 2015 I travelled to Rochdale in the UK, to attempt this new distance.  The race started at 9:20am and as I stood there with over 500 other runners I was preoccupied with my watch trying to reset the stop watch.  I looked up to sounds of the announcer starting the race and I just had enough time to get near one of the pace makers.

The race was a 2 lap route, the run out steadily got higher and there was lots of hills to climb.  At this stage the field was still thick with runners and you felt part of something.  On the final stretch of the first part I noticed a lot of 10K runners who had started 10 minutes before us.  I actual felt I was doing good for time but the half marathon turn point was further up the hill then the 10K one.

As I returned to the start I ended up with a bunch of other runners and got chatting.  At this stage I could still talk as I wasn't even a half way yet.  Around the 6 mile mark I took an energy gel for a boost, this did help me run past all the cheering people with a good pace.  The first lap was done.

On the second lap running back to the turning point I could feel things were beginning to get harder.  The field now was spreading out and on the other side of the road were the last 10K runners.  I was lucky on the final accent as I had friends cheering me on which really did help but in the warm day I needed water.  We got this at the turning point and pretty much grabbed two bottles and drank a full bottle in one.  I was knackered but had 3 miles to go.

On the way up I had passed the 2 and Half hour pace maker so felt that I was doing great.  But now the heat was pressing home, the body was tired and the legs getting stiff.  As I approached the last mile and half I had nothing and could hear the pace maker shouting support but getting nearer.

Eventually I was past and I could see the town hall where the finish line was in the distance.  Total will pushed me forward, the streets were empty of runners and only spectators and pedestrians remained.  I felt like I was crawling slower then a snail in honey when the last 400 meters came into view and I pushed as hard as my now non-working legs would go.  
Crossing the line was bliss but I nearly fainted and needed water and a banana.

My time 2 hours and 30 minutes, I was ecstatic and over the moon.


The Reallusion Character Animation Competition closed and my video was not placed.  I was funnily enough added to a couple of playlist on YouTube, so that was good.

I have received some great comments and support for what I tried to do so that in itself was good enough for me.


Also for I have released my first Vlog.

That's all for now.

Please leave your comments on my Vlog or on this Blog.

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Colin (aka Capemedia)    

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