Monday, 26 January 2015

Cross Roads

Hello All,

2013 was an amazing year for Capemedia UK Limited, we became a limited company, we had plenty of clients and we were becoming successful.  Over the last 6 months though, I have been trying very hard to keep this dream alive, but it may have to come to an end.  Unfortunately at the start 2014 my contracts began to end and try as I might I couldn't get enough clients in to maintain the company.

The decision to freeze the limited company has not been an easy one, but unless something amazing happens in the next couple of weeks then that is what will happen.  Fortunately we can still afford to monitor the situation and even though the company is frozen it's better then closing it down completely.  However by 2016, if things do not improve then we will be left with no other choice but to cease trading.

We are still open, but just about...